Explosive Van / Mobile Workshop Van


  • Sturdy Design for enhanced strength and long life.
  • PESO Defined Safety/ Hazard stickers
  • Fire Retardant Paint on complete Van.
  •   Static Discharge chains to Avoid Static Sparks.
  • Fire Screen behind Vehicle Cabin to ensure safety for operator during movement.
  • IoT based Technology and Geo-Fencing
  • AVA ( Audio Visual Alarm ) , DGMS Approved

Mobile Service Van


  • Compact and Sturdy Design for enhanced strength and long life.
  • Static Discharge chains to avoid static sparks.
  • Auto Fire Suppression System 
  • Rear View Camera ( Night Vision )with screen and AVA( Audio Visual Alarm )
  • Modular lighting for Night Working [ Focus Lights ]
  • Working Bench and Space for working within the Van
  • IoT based Lubrication Dispensing Technology and Vehicle Geo-Fencing

Water Sprinkler & Mist Sprayers


  • Mist sprayer & Sprinkling System at front and rear of the vehicle covering up to 30 feet on either side of the vehicle.
  • Driver cabin operated Pneumatically controlled
    system through Solenoid Valves.
  • Pressurized Pumping unit (D.G. Type, Hydraulic or Mechanical PTO Operated.
  •  Water Monitor on Top of the tank perfectly matched with High performance pumps for long distance water stream shots upto 60 feet.

Mobile Diesel Bowser


  • Tank capacity 1000 litres to 25000 litres 
  • Type- Vehicle Mounted / Skid Type / Trolley Mounted 
  • PESO Compliant with Safety Features
  •  Dispensing Solutions upto 300 LPM with Mechanical and Digital Display
  • Filtration Solutions upto 10 micron efficiency 
  • Remote controlled Anti-Theft Locking System • Anti Corrosion Paint with Nano Coating to prevent rusting 
  • Bottom Loading Filling ( Optional ) 


Smart Tank

Water Tanker

Blasting Shelter


Tank Truck

Food Van