Mobile Diesel Bowsers

TankUp Fabrication

Mobile Diesel Bowser a combination of a Tank with a Dispensing Unit duly mounted on a suitable chassis, to re-fuel equipment at remote locations. 


  1. Design – Uniquely Designed Mobile Diesel Bowsers ranging from capacities:1000 L to 18000L 
  2. Metering Unit Robust and Superior Unit with Mechanical or Digital Display having Accuracy of +/0.1% and duly approved by the Weights & Measures Department 
  3. Pumping Unit – Highly Rugged having capacities for discharging upto 250 LPM
  4. Fabrication – It is as per the Indian Petroleum Act 2011 with all Safety Features prescribed by the PESO [Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization]
  5. Hose Reel – Highly Robust Spring Type Self Retractable Hose Reel with Standard Hose 
  6. Safety Features – All Standard Fittings as per PESO Standards with additional features complying to RTO norms 
  7. Nozzle – with Auto Cut Off Facility


We are a Government Approved Start – Up providing Door to Door Fuel Delivery Services. A well experienced team of professionals who work together and bring out technological and integrated solutions to help various industries manage their Assets in an effective manner. Today’s era of convenience demands for innovative solutions that bring almost everything at doorstep. At TankUp, we do exactly that. As Digital Fuelling Specialists , we save your time and money by delivering fuel directly to you and your equipment anytime, anywhere.


  1. On Demand Fuel Delivery [ Anytime, Anywhere ].
  2. Accuracy in Refueling through W&M Approved Dispenser Units.
  3. Mobile App – Convenience in Placing Orders on a schedule date and time.
  4. Acknowledgment of Orders and ensuring Logistics Management.
  5. Ensuring Safety at the time of refuelling at site through Well Trained Fuel Managers /Operators.
  6. Accountability – OTP Based System to ensure accuracy and accountability.
  7. Equipment/ Machine Data Analysis – Real Time Consumption Report, Fuelling Report, etc. to give Machine/ Equipment Data Anaylsis.
  8. Customer Support – Back Office Team to provide Real Time Updates.

On Time Delivery

Diesel Delivery Scientists

Quality & Quantity Assurance

Bottom Loading Tankers

Bottom loading is a method of filling tank trucks by pumping petroleum products into cargo tanks through a system of valves and fittings mounted below the tank. 

Advantages of bottom Loading:-

There are many significant advantages offered by Bottom Loading System over the Top Loading Systems and Bottom loading systems are under implementation worldwide at rapid pace.

  • Fire Prevention
  • Spill Prevention
  • Operator Safety
  • Vapour Recovery
  • Avoidance of product Contamination
  • Faster Truck Loading


  1. Geo-fencing [optional] 
  2. Bottom Loading Kit- FRANKLIN/OPW 
  3. PESO and W&M liasoning support 
  4. Standard safety equipments- jacket,helmet,traffic cone