Is your business ready to weather the festive season?


Winters will be here before we know it and festival pollution is already in the air. Issues like diesel bugs and other contamination problems can happen very quickly especially when it is time for Diwali and winters.

Managing fuel consumption, distribution and storage can be a challenge to track in such time where the weather and pollution both are in changing conditions.With a variety of assets and types, and your fleet on the go, there are many important components. Every time  you wonder, will your fuel perform as expected based on the temperature of the region you’re in? Understanding and prioritizing safety is a primary focus. In addition to good housekeeping practices, pay attention to the fuel you are purchasing.

90% of all winter operability issues are moisture related. Consistent maintenance of moisture in your storage tank is more important than ever. Poor operations and maintenance procedures for monitoring and removing water from fuel storage tanks can lead to huge (and costly!) headaches.

The experts suggest that you can develop and plan, where you can ensure that you receive your fuel and plan storage and usage much in advance of the season, this will also give you an access to fuel for an extended period.

TankUp ensures your fuel works for you in all types of conditions. Contact our fuel professionals today to find out how we can help you prepare before nature compromises your business. Make sure all of your fleet vehicles are topped off.

Our fuel managers are experienced and informed professionals who undergo rigorous training in fuel operations. In addition to delivering diesel and efficient fuelling services, our expert knowledge enables us to educate our clients in order for them to make informed purchasing decisions pertaining to fuel management.

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