Behind the wheel – maximizing your fuel economy


Tougher environmental regulations, a move toward energy security and sustainability and emerging fuel initiatives are significantly impacting the fuel industry.One must demand a change and more attention to the current fuel management scenario especially with the skyrocketing fuel prices and risk of mismanagement.

Before we demand a change, are we aware of all the complexities? Are you also facing these challenges like the most of us?It is difficult to track and maintain amount of fuel required, amount of fuel purchased, type of fuel, station location.

You are always looking for timely fuel availability/delivery with enough inventory and support. Every fuel acquiring process goes through overfilling, spillage, transfer process mishaps. Have you been a victim of the same?

Filtration of diesel fuel on mobile vehicles dates back to the earliest installations of diesel engines. 90% of your problems occur  due to dirt or water in the fuel.Your logistics department is confused with all the regulations and compliances of buying diesel in large volumes?

You still dread of the emergency situations where you need fuel out of usual business hours? If you rely solely on fuel to run your business, it’s evident how important it is to make yourself aware of the risks and types of fuel contamination.

You might want to try several fuel efficiency measures or explore various methods and technologies required to monitor and track fuel inventories, fuel purchases and fuel dispensed. That’s where we suggest you get tanked up!

We need your support to make change happen

Through our app, you can opt for a protected fuel consumption environment.

TankUp keeps a track of your fuel requirements and also provides you with analytics to deal with it all in a better manner.

We can help you beat the rising fuel costs by timely information and scheduled deliveries. Download the TankUp app now and get TankedUp in the best manner possible.

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