State of IOT Intelligence

The market is still in an early stage, and the means to understand and leverage IoT data is also in its early phase. We believe that IoT Intelligence will continue to expand as organizations mature in their collection and leverage of sensor level data.

The criticality of advanced business  analytics to all leaders in every business cannot be ignored. Although it’s incredibly tricky to get it right, route optimization and planning  is well worth the effort for all company’s fuelling logistics and management.

TankUp experts suggest that by managing the fuel manager’s driving behaviour via the vehicle data interface and automatic route planning one can see why fuel consumption is out of line. Consequently immediate actions can be taken.

At TankUp, our mission is – providing with a centralized fuel tech system with elimination of Fuel Pilferage, enhanced utilization, improved asset performance and reduction in emissions;By combining  IOT / sensor technology and analytics we do everything in our power to enable efficient industrial fuel management.

TankUp provides fuel management 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, on a schedule that best fits your operation.Download the App now!

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