Transitioning into 2020 – Disrupting Door-Step Fuel Delivery Space in India

Fuel retailers IOCL, BPCL, and HPCL are tying up with start-ups across India, allowing them to deliver fuel through mobile dispensers. “IoT-enabled fuel dispenser is considered as the next most significant revolution in the segment”. The dispensing unit is controlled by the tech-based platform, which eliminates the risk of wastage and other concerns. It can be said that an on-demand location-based fuel delivery system will be on a roll in the coming decade and new year.

The service christened as ‘Fuel @ Doorstep’ aims to ensure hassle-free supply of fuel to end-users by avoiding unnecessary fuel spillage, unsafe handling of fuel in containers/barrels and pilferage too.

Under the procedure, once the order has been received from the customer, the mobile dispenser reaches the destination and the dispensing commences through the automation with a designated location (geofenced area). As part of safety, the dispenser is equipped with fire extinguishers and safety cones among others for demarcation of the delivery area.

The start-up owners are eyeing cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad to expand their operations rising on the back of the recent liberalization of fuel marketing regulations.

People have generally transported diesel for generators, heavy machinery and for industrial using drums. This method led to a lot of pilferage, money loss, and safety hazards.

The potential to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce road congestion and pollution was immense, keeping this in mind everyone is working towards doing something about this along with the government. Catering to B2B customers around NCR is immense and we can only wait and watch what the coming times have in store for us.

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