Diversity and Inclusion – Women in Tech

Women are still massively under-represented in the tech world. The tech industry in our country is said is dominated by men but there are some women who are standing head to head with the men and are leaving no stones unturned to prove themselves in this competitive space. Technology today touches every part of our lives. When you think of how to apply technology to solve existing problems or tap new opportunities, you need different perspectives, skills,  and viewpoints at the table. This can only come from a more diverse workforce, where employees are celebrated in the work environment for how different they are. When one woman helps another, amazing things can happen. Professional careers leap forward. That’s what Women in Technology are all about. 

The co-founders in TankUp – Gaurav Lath and Saurabh Sharma are making sure to help their female squad to cope up in the world of technology. They believe that every expert in the tech industry should consider regular upskilling opportunities for women. Upskilling and mentorships are key to overcoming their entry challenges in the industry.

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