“Aspirations for the coming year”

It’s been a while with the nationwide pandemic now and things have almost got back to normal at various levels. However, getting back on our feet as a whole nation in a full-fledged manner still remains on top of the line in our post-corona wish list. Isn’t it? Well, that brings us back to being self-reliant.

Self-reliance — Something that is self-explanatory. Something that would help us change our approach towards the development of our country. Also, something that cannot happen by itself. So, what does it take to be self-reliant? First things first, the presence of domestic production. While we are climbing the technology ladder, it is important for us to solely and fully depend on ourselves for everything we need when we work. In other words, self-reliance helps us to give ourselves assurance and independence while we are at work. Once we create a self-employed sector, implementation of certain reforms to boost the potential and capabilities of this sector from the grass-root level becomes all the more necessary.

At TankUp, self-reliance is one big deal. It helps us reach our potential. As a result, we serve our clients with the best from the fuelling world. We look at it as our key responsibility in order to accelerate growth in different sectors of the economy. We have continuously been evolving ourselves with innovation to become truly fulfilled and content. Strengthening our leadership team and repositioning our market capabilities are among the few steps that we have taken to become self-reliant.

Beginning at the smallest level holds utmost importance when it comes to achieving bigger things. In order to become a self-reliant nation completely, it is important that we start with it at our own levels first. Empowerment will be a byproduct then. So, let’s join hands, explore, learn and travel deeper into understanding who we are, take actions to rebuild ourselves now in order to become who we want to be in the post corona world.

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